The Wild Blue Yonder (2005)

The Wild Blue Yonder (2005)

The Wild Blue Yonder Movie ReviewThe Wild Blue Yonder is a sci-fi outer space movie, which is as playful and dreamlike as it is whacky and daft. The movie was made on a shoe-string budget with 1989 NASA footage from the STS-34 Space Shuttle mission portraying a supposed journey by astronauts to an alien world.

Shot in a mock-documentary style, an alien narrator (Brad Dourif) recounts the story of a community of extraterrestrials who came to Earth after their water planet in the Alpha Centauri system suffered an ice age. Ironically, scientists later believing that debris from the Roswell UFO crash was infecting the Earth launched a space voyager to find the nearest habitable planet, which happens to be the alien’s very own ‘Blue Yonder.’

Our Alien narrator Brad Dourif does a wonderfully eccentric job keeping the atmosphere going in this bizarre little mind-bender of a movie. However, be warned that the story is both fascinating and tedious in equal measures and requires an indulgence from the viewer who, in any case, are likely to consist of die hard science fiction fans, stoners and conspiracy theorists.

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