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Are Wormholes Fact or Fiction?

October 4, 2022 James Miller 0

Wormholes are a sci-fi trope that everybody has heard of, a swirly (often blue-colored) tube that lets the protagonist jump between large distances or to other worlds. Of course, wormholes of this type are pure […]

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7 Mysteries Of Time Explained

October 3, 2015 James Miller 0

The fundamental nature of time has always featured prominently in the discussions of scientists, philosophers, and mathematicians throughout the ages. Let us take a look at seven of the profoundest questions about time, and where […]

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Interesting Time Travel Quotes

February 22, 2015 James Miller 0

Time travel is a scientific concept in which an object moves between different points in time in the same way as as it would between different points in space. In early 1900’s, Einstein’s theories that […]

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