Prometheus (2012)

Prometheus (2012)

Sci-Fi Movie Review: Prometheus (2012)The name of this sci-fi odyssey comes from the Greek mythological Titan Prometheus, whose efforts to  champion humanity’s development resulted in some tragic unintended consequences.

Over the years the name Prometheus has come to represent mankind’s quest for scientific knowledge, and aptly this movie follows the voyage of the scientific exploratory spaceship Prometheus, as it sets off in the year 2093 to explore a forlorn, distant planet which could hold the answer to the origins of mankind.

Visually beautiful and very entertaining, Prometheus is first and foremost a sci-horror that sets out to create a genuine sense of wonder and dread in its audience. The inhospitable planet, weird life forms and strange technologies only adds to the movie’s genuine sense of mystery. Despite being an enjoyable outer space tale, not all sci-fans who anticipated Prometheus’ release were enamoured by the unanswered question marks left hanging over the film.

*SPOILERS* Prometheus leaves you wanting to know more about the enigmatic Engineers and why they did what they did. Theories include the Engineers creating mankind possibly as an accident, before turning on its feeble creation and deciding to destroy the Earth after growing disenchanted with its science experiment. Another could be that the Engineers weren’t angry with humanity, but rather needed to kill all human life so as to stop the Xenomorphs reproducing and threatening the galaxy.* Unfortunately, we may have to wait for a sequel to get the answer to these riddles.

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