Andromeda Galaxy
Deep-Sky Objects

Deep-Sky Objects in Andromeda

January 30, 2018 James Miller 0

Andromeda is the 19th biggest constellations, with its brightest star, Alpheratz (Alpha Andromedae), a +2.06 magnitude double star 97 light years distant with an orbital period of 96.7 days The best time to view Andromeda […]

Parrot's Head Nebula
Astronomy Lists

Nebulae Named After Birds

December 10, 2017 James Miller 0

In this list, we present nebulae of different types that are said to resemble birds. While some of the structures mentioned do actually resemble some of our feathered friends, others do so only in the […]

Cocoon Nebula
Astronomy Lists

Nebulae Named After Insects

December 9, 2017 James Miller 0

Nebulae are also amongst the biggest structures in the universe. They can be more than hundreds of light-years across, with their diffuse clouds of gas forming into imaginative and colorful shapes, allowing astronomers to let […]

Manatee Nebula in Aquila
Astronomy Lists

Nebulae Named after Aquatic Animals

December 2, 2017 James Miller 0

Nebulae of all types are among the most spectacular-looking structures in the entire Universe, and have been an endless source of intrigue and discovery for astronomers. How we perceive them, however, is often thanks to […]

Fox Fur Nebula in Monoceros
Astronomy Lists

Nebulae Named After Land Animals

December 1, 2017 James Miller 0

Nebulae are vast regions of interstellar dust and ionized gases which form stars due to a process called gravitational accretion. This whole turbulent and complex process results in unusual and exotic gas shapes being formed, […]

Death Eater Nebula
Astronomy Lists

The Spookiest Nebulae in the Universe

November 30, 2017 James Miller 0

Nebulae are among the most beautiful, complex, and least understood objects in the entire Universe, with how we perceive them often depending upon our skill in manipulating photographic images, rather than our observation skills. Once […]

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