Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 GoTo Telescope – Review

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Image Credit: Tim Gouw

The Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 GoTo telescope is a high tech telescope that is part of the premiere, top-of-the-line collection from Celestron. The manufacturer is one of the most reputable and renowned in the industry with more than 50 years of manufacturing high-end, premium quality telescopes. One of the most unique features of the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 GoTo telescope is its Wi-Fi functionality, which by downloading a free mobile app to an iOS or Android smartphone or tablet allows you to use your mobile device like a remote control for the telescope. Furthermore, a remote control is also included with the product in case you leave your mobile device at home, or its battery dies.

SkyPortal App

With the app called SkyPortal, you can easily make fine adjustments to the telescope, but that’s not all. The app also allows you to see the images that you’re viewing in the telescope right on your mobile device screen, so that you can also use it as a reference to find out which stars and planets are visible on any given night. With just a few taps, you can then learn more about these celestial objects, thus eliminating the need to carry a reference guide with you, as there are more than 4,000 objects featured in the database.

10 Hours on Single Charge

Weighing 63.7 pounds, the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 GoTo telescope is fairly lightweight for a telescope of this size. Unlike some other Wi-Fi models, the telescope can be used for up to 10 hours at a time on a single charge, so you don’t have to worry about your stargazing being cut short. The telescope only takes about 10 minutes to set up, making it a convenient option for those who want to take their stargazing on the road.

With the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8, you receive a very high quality stainless steel tripod. Leveling marks ensure that you position the telescope correctly to keep it upright and fully supported while you’re viewing the sky.


The Celestron NexStar Evolution 8 is a Schmidt-Cassegrain optical design that has an impressive 203.2 mm (8″) aperture, and a 40mm eyepiece that produces 51x magnification, and a 13mm eyepiece that produces 156x magnification. For those who want to dabble in astrophotography, this telescope is a good choice, but even with a high quality DSLR camera, it’s not always possible to pick up dimmer objects in the nighttime sky. If you keep to brighter sights, such as the Moon and planets, though, you’ll be able to get crisp, clear images with your camera.

Final Thoughts

There is truly a lot to love about the Celestron NexStar Evolution 8, but to enjoy all of those high-tech features, you need to be prepared for the price tag, which typically sells for between $2,000 and $3,o00, depending on the retailer. Truly, the price is the only major drawback to the model; however, when you consider all that this telescope can do, it’s our assessment that the price is a fair one. Still, the cost makes this telescope a better choice for the more seasoned stargazer who is well established in the hobby, and ready to take their night sky viewing to the next level.

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