Celestron Advanced VX 8in Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope – Review

Telescopes for stargazing
Image Credit: Akbar Nemati

Like most hobbies, stargazing requires skill and practice, and the more one uses a telescope, the better one becomes at it. Over time,  beginners subsequently find that they have mastered the use of their starter telescopes and are ready to progress to something that will allow them to see more of the night sky. As they start to shop for a telescope, though, these intermediate astronomers are often disappointed with what they find.

While there are many beginners’ telescopes that are straightforward and easy to use and many advanced telescopes that are geared toward the needs of very accomplished backyard astronomers, there is a serious lack of in-between models on the market. The Celestron Advanced VX 8in Schmidt-Cassegrain is one of the rare telescopes that gives intermediate users the ability to continue to grow their skill set while being easy to use.

Intermediate Level Telescope

A rare telescope made for the intermediate stargazer, the Celestron Advanced VX 8in Schmidt-Cassegrain has an 8-inch aperture that increases available light by 80 percent compared to the smaller model in this product range. A parabolic mirror is included in the design that greatly cuts down on distortion to give users a very sharp, clear image.

With a very wide field of view, the Celestron Advanced VX 8in Schmidt-Cassegrain provides impressive views of the night sky. Users will be able to see many bright objects like nebulae, distant planets and the Moon in vivid detail even when the telescope is used in suburban environments where there is a high degree of light pollution.

Impressive Optics

While the optics featured in the Celestron Advanced VX 8in Schmidt-Cassegrain are truly impressive, the telescope is not challenging to set up or use, and can be assembled in just 30 minutes. Furthermore, the telescope has Periodic Error Correction that allows users to track images more smoothly, leading to improvements in tracking accuracy that greatly reduce the frustration that can come with more advanced models that require all manual adjustments.

Good for Backyard Stargazing

The Celestron Advanced VX 8in Schmidt-Cassegrain is rather weighty when it’s fully assembled, making it best for backyard stargazing. Each piece weighs 20 pounds or less, though, so it is still simple to lift the pieces to assemble, and when disassembled the telescope is compact enough to take along in a car to set up in the great outdoors; however, it is a little too large to hike far with.

Final Thoughts

Of course, the Celestron Advanced VX 8in Schmidt-Cassegrain does have a few limitations, which is why it is marketed as an intermediate telescope. Still, users will likely be able to continue to build their skills and investigate the night sky for years with this model before they’re ready to upgrade to one of the top-of-the-line telescopes on the market. Selling for under $2,000, the Celestron Advanced VX 8in Schmidt-Cassegrain Telescope is of exceptional value for the money and will truly help intermediate users take their hobby to the next level.

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