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10 Most Extreme Stars in the Universe

November 5, 2017 James Miller 0

Our Sun is often described as an “average yellow dwarf star”, but the truth of the matter is that there are no average stars. Stellar bodies come in a bewildering variety of masses, luminosities, radii, […]

star types
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List of Different Star Types

October 28, 2017 James Miller 0

At a quick glance, night sky stars may appear to be white. However, a closer inspection will reveal a plethora of different colors ranging from the coolest red stars to the hottest blue stars. The […]

Planet Mars
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Top 10 Facts About The Missions to Mars

September 17, 2017 James Miller 0

When it comes to the exploration of the solar system, no planet has spurred the scientific community to greater efforts, whipped up the general public into a greater frenzy of speculation, or resulted in pseudo-experts […]

Astronomy Lists

Top 10 Facts About The Missions to Mercury

September 12, 2017 James Miller 0

Since the angular separation of Mercury from the Sun is never more than 28 degrees at maximum elongation, visual observation and study of the planet is fraught with technical difficulty. In fact, the rugged, little […]

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