Death Eater Nebula
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The Spookiest Nebulae in the Universe

November 30, 2017 James Miller 0

Nebulae are among the most beautiful, complex, and least understood objects in the entire Universe, with how we perceive them often depending upon our skill in manipulating photographic images, rather than our observation skills. Once […]

Deep-Sky Objects

Deep-Sky Objects: Hyades Star Cluster

November 21, 2017 James Miller 0

Also known as Collinder 50 and Melotte 25, the Hyades cluster is the closest open cluster to Earth, and one of the most intensely studied clusters in the entire sky. All told, the Hyades contains […]

the Sun (Sol)

Star Facts: the Sun (Sol)

November 21, 2017 James Miller 0

The Sun really does not need an introduction, except to say that it is not yellow, but pure white, and that it is not an average star. In fact, there are no average stars, as […]

NGC 2359 (Thor’s Helmet)
Deep-Sky Objects

Deep-Sky Objects in Canis Major

November 18, 2017 James Miller 0

Canis Major may be only the 43rd biggest of the 88 recognized constellations, but it does have the distinction of containing the night sky’s most luminous star, Sirius, a double star situated 8.6 light years […]

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