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The Night Sky This Month: November 2015

October 29, 2015 James Miller 0

For most of November only the planets Mars, Jupiter, and Venus will be visible for any length of time, although they will fortunately form a rare alignment, colloquially known as the “Dance of the Planets”. […]

Ursa Major
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5 Largest Star Constellations in the Sky

October 28, 2015 James Miller 0

Even professional astronomers sometimes admit to having difficulty recognizing all of the 88 modern constellations, as most constellations are marked out by some stars that are not that visible to the naked eye, except under […]

Star Constellation Facts: Ursa Minor
Star Constellations

Star Constellation Facts: Ursa Minor

October 12, 2015 James Miller 0

Ursa Minor (“Little Bear”) is situated opposite to Ursa Major (“Big Bear”), and like The Big Dipper also contains an asterism of seven main stars, in this case known as The Little Dipper. Unlike The […]

Movement of the stars
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7 Mysteries Of Time Explained

October 3, 2015 James Miller 0

The fundamental nature of time has always featured prominently in the discussions of scientists, philosophers, and mathematicians throughout the ages. Let us take a look at seven of the profoundest questions about time, and where […]