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NASA’s 2016 Budget Boosted to $19.3 Billion

December 21, 2015 James Miller 0

In case you’ve haven’t heard, N.A.S.A (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) will be receiving a much larger budget in the upcoming fiscal year. For the year 2015, N.A.S.A.’s budget was around $18.01 billion, while for […]

Star Constellation Facts: Draco
Star Constellations

Star Constellation Facts: Draco

December 2, 2015 James Miller 0

Draco depicts a dragon, with the creature’s head located just north of the constellation Hercules, and its tail ending between the The Big and Little Dippers in Ursa Major and Ursa Minor respectively. It takes […]

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Top 10 Facts About The Stars

November 22, 2015 James Miller 0

Twinkle, twinkle little star…I think I know what you are! However, there remains much to be learned about stars, and how they live and die. Until such time that we know it all, here are […]

Star Facts: Achernar
Star Constellations

Star Constellation Facts: Eridanus

November 21, 2015 James Miller 0

Eridanus, like the river it depicts, is a long winding constellation that starts in the northern sky near Rigel in Orion, before eventually winding its way far south close to Hydrus. It is the 6th […]

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