Predestination (2014) Explained
Sci-Film Reviews

Predestination (2014) Explained

November 29, 2014 James Miller 499

Predestination (2014) is based upon a 1959 short story titled All You Zombies by sci-fi writer Robert A.Heinlein, and is a stylish time-travel movie exploring the paradoxical nature of time travel. With its intricate chronology […]

From Einstein To M-Theory
General Astronomy

From Einstein To M-Theory

November 6, 2014 James Miller 0

In the 19th century James Clerk Maxwell formulated the field theory of electromagnetism, and in the early 20th century, Albert Einstein developed a field theory of gravitation. The last three decades of Einstein‘s life was […]

The Zarkon Principle
Book Reviews

Book Review: The Zarkon Principle

November 6, 2014 James Miller 3

The Zarkon Principle: Can Man Become a God? Published by Everest Books Ltd., 4 Valentine Place, London First Edition 1974 One of the most mysterious books I remember reading as a boy was a 1974 […]

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