• Top 10 Facts About The Solar System
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    Top 10 Facts About The Solar System

    1: Solar System is 4.6 Billion Years Old The solar system is 4.6 billion years old and 99.86% of its mass is contained in our Sun, a rotating yellow dwarf star whose powerful gravity causes [...]
  • Galileo's Telescope
    Astronomy History

    10 Most Influential Optical Telescopes in Astronomy

    With each successive generation of telescopes, more about the wonders and complexities of the Universe are revealed than could ever have been imagined. It is therefore natural to ask who invented the telescope? Nevertheless, the [...]
  • 10 Interesting Facts About Alpha Centauri
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    10 Interesting Facts About Alpha Centauri

    1: Sun’s Nearest Star System Alpha Centauri is our nearest star neighbor, and is a mere 4.37 light years from the Sun. More accurately, though, it is the nearest ‘star system’ as it actually consists [...]
  • 10 Interesting Facts about the Oort Cloud
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    10 Interesting Facts about the Oort Cloud

    Named after the Dutch astronomer Jan Oort, but sometimes also known as the Öpik–Oort cloud, this hypothetical cloud of small, icy planetesimals is thought to surround the solar system out to a distance of more [...]
  • Hydra Constellation
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    5 Largest Star Constellations in the Sky

    Even professional astronomers sometimes admit to having difficulty recognizing all of the 88 modern constellations, as most constellations are marked out by some stars that are not that visible to the naked eye, except under [...]
  • Orion Molecular Cloud Complex
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    10 Interesting Orion Nebula Facts

    Most people mistake the Orion Nebula for a star in the constellation of Orion, but it is actually the most easily detectable naked-eye nebula in the entire night sky. This magnificent star-forming region is also [...]
  • Fun Facts About The Geminids Meteor Shower
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    Fun Facts About The Geminids Meteor Shower

    Each December, stargazers are treated to the year’s grand finale meteor shower known as the Geminids. This dazzling two week spectacle is one of the 10 biggest annual meteor showers, and considered one of the [...]
  • Interesting Time Travel Quotes
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    Interesting Time Travel Quotes

    Time travel is a scientific concept in which an object moves between different points in time in the same way as as it would between different points in space. In early 1900’s, Einstein’s theories that [...]
  • Triton
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    10 Interesting Facts about Triton

    Neptune’s biggest moon, Triton, has a diameter of 2,700 km, making it the 7th biggest moon in the solar system, as well as its 16th biggest object overall. Triton also contains more than 99.5% of [...]


  • Possible orbital path of Planet X
    The notion of an unknown planet being present somewhere in the solar system does not have a universal appeal among astronomers. The gravitational effects of such a planet, however, remains the most plausible explanation for [...]