• Sirius and M41 cluster
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    List of 10 Brightest Stars in the Sky

    The naked eye can see thousands of stars in the night sky, with a star’s luminosity determined by its distance from Earth, its chemical composition, and how big it is. Astronomers assign stars a magnitude, [...]
  • Books 2
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    20 Recommended Astronomy Books

    There are thousands of internet resources that serve the interests of the majority of most amateur astronomers most of the time. However, some types of information can only be obtained from old-style paper books. It [...]
  • Photo of Black Ceramic Male Profile Statue of Shakespeare
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    Shakespearean Quotes About The Moon

    From the balcony scene in “Romeo and Juliet” to the mystical forests of “A Midsummer Night’s Dream,” the moon is a recurring motif in Shakespeare’s poetry and plays. Often used symbolically to represent various themes [...]
  • Betelgeuse before and after dimming
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    10 Interesting Facts about Variable Stars

    In simple terms, a variable star is a star whose luminosity changes or fluctuates as seen from Earth. The changes in luminosity can be caused by a wide range of possible causes, some of which [...]
  • Hyades star cluster
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    10 Easy Night Sky Targets for Binoculars

    The purpose of this list is to show that you do not always need a telescope to observe literally thousands of spectacular deep-sky objects (DSOs) in the night sky. In most cases, the objects on [...]
  • Meteor Shower
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    Fun Facts About The Geminids Meteor Shower

    Each December, stargazers are treated to the year’s grand finale meteor shower known as the Geminids. This dazzling two week spectacle is one of the 10 biggest annual meteor showers, and considered one of the [...]
  • an artist's impression of a distant object in space
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    10 Interesting Facts about Neutron Stars

    Simply put, a neutron star is the collapsed and highly compressed remains of a relatively massive star that died in a supernova event. Neutron stars are also the smallest stars known to exist, with their [...]
  • solar system, planets, nature
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    Top 10 Facts About Our Solar System

    The “solar system” is simply the name of our own planetary system. Our solar system consists of 1 central star and the smaller objects that orbit it in space, including 8 planets, 200+ moons, 4,584 [...]
  • Orion
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    Top 10 Night Sky Objects for Amateur Astronomers

    Although there are thousands of astronomical objects worth observing in the night sky, all astronomers, both amateur and professional alike, will tell you that they have their own personal favorites. These might include lingering early [...]