• Giant-impact Hypothesis
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    Top Theories on How the Moon Formed

    The Moon has been a constant source of wonder and fascination throughout mankind’s’ history, but despite being located a mere 238,900 miles or 1.28 light-seconds away, we know less about it and how it came [...]
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    10 Beautiful Star Clusters for Stargazers

    Star clusters represent distinct steps in the evolution of the Universe. On the one hand, globular clusters can be thought of as “fossils”, in the sense that in many cases, they are all that remain [...]
  • Fun Facts About The Geminids Meteor Shower
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    Fun Facts About The Geminids Meteor Shower

    In December stargazers everywhere are treated to the year’s grand finale meteor shower known as the Geminids. This two week spectacle begins around the 7th and is more prolific than even the famous Perseids and [...]
  • Orion Molecular Cloud Complex
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    10 Interesting Orion Nebula Facts

    Most people mistake the Orion Nebula for a star in the constellation of Orion, but it is actually the most easily detectable naked-eye nebula in the entire night sky. It is also the favorite deep-sky [...]


  • In November, the “Summer Triangle” can be seen rising in the early evening sky before making its way westwards, with the Milky Way passing through two of the stars in this huge asterism. These are Vega in Lyra and Altair in [...]