• Andromeda Galaxy (M31)
    Astronomy Lists

    15 Interesting Andromeda Galaxy Facts

    Part of Local Group If it were possible to travel anywhere in the galaxy, the next step would be to visit our 54 or so neighbouring minor galaxies, most of them dwarfs, that surround the [...]
  • Top 10 Fascinating Facts About The Moon
    Astronomy Lists

    Top 10 Fascinating Facts About The Moon

    The Moon has been Earth’s constant companion for most of its history, even though the mechanism of its formation is still the subject of some debate in astronomical circles. However, the Moon is one of [...]
  • The Zodiac
    Astronomy Lists

    Interesting Facts About The Constellation Aquarius

    A Zodiacal Constellation Aquarius means ‘water-bearer’ in Latin and it is a zodiacal constellation, meaning the Sun, Moon and planets regularly pass within its boundaries. From the Earth’s perspective, the Sun passes in front of [...]
  • UY Scuti
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Most Extreme Stars in the Universe

    Our Sun is often described as an “average yellow dwarf star”, but the truth of the matter is that there are no average stars. Stellar bodies come in a bewildering variety of masses, luminosities, radii, [...]
  • 10 Coolest Methods Of Time Travel
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Coolest Methods Of Time Travel

    1: A Leisurely One Second Per Second People who say that time travel is impossible should think again. After all, we’re all time travelers, scooting along through the space-time continuum at a rate of one [...]
  • Mayan Calendar
    Astronomy History

    10 Interesting Facts About The Calendar

    1: Ancients Used Phases of Moon to Measure Time Ancient people used to measure time by charting the phases of the moon from new to full, which is the likely origin of the word month, [...]
  • 5 Bizarre Paradoxes Of Time Travel Explained
    Astronomy Lists

    5 Bizarre Paradoxes Of Time Travel Explained

    There is nothing in Einstein’s theories of relativity to rule out time travel, although the very notion of traveling to the past violates one of the most fundamental premises of physics, that of causality. With [...]
  • Astronomy Quotes In Shakespeare
    Astronomy Lists

    Astronomy Quotes In Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was England’s greatest author and amongst his voluminous works are numerous  references to astronomical, as well as astrological bodies, such as stars, planets, the moon or meteors. Here are a few of [...]
  • 10 Interesting Facts About Our Sun
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Interesting Facts About Our Sun

    1) Classified As A Yellow Dwarf The Sun is classified as a G-type yellow dwarf (G2V), which is a little misleading as stars in this sequence can vary in color from yellow for cooler stars, [...]


  • Spring Triangle
    Prominent constellations in the night sky at this time of the year include Gemini, Leo, Cancer, and Canis Minor. Meanwhile, Virgo is now rising in the southeast, and in the mid-evening hours one of its brightest star Denebola forms the Spring [...]

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