Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope – Review

Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope

The Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker is an affordable telescope geared towards the needs of newcomers to the world of stargazing who want a good viewing experience, but don’t want to invest a fortune in their new hobby. Consistently ranked among the top telescopes in its price range, this model has won numerous awards and is produced by a manufacturer that has been in the business for more than 50 years.

Despite its price of $200 or less, the Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker has very good optics. This comes from the fact that the telescope features fully coated, all glass optics with aluminum reflective coatings that makes the image you see very well defined. The dimensions of the aperture gives you the ability to view a wide variety of objects in the night sky. You also get two eye pieces and a 3x Barlow lens with the telescope, allowing you four different viewing options and the ability to see celestial objects with 50x, 150x, 250x or 750x magnification. This telescope is especially ideal for viewing the moon, bright planets, clusters of stars and nebulae.

In terms of portability, the Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker is the perfect in-between telescope. It’s light and compact enough for traveling, but it’s not so small that it limits your ability to get a clear view of the sky. The telescope is also very easy to assemble, and you don’t need a single tool to get the job done. A very-easy-to-transport collapsible aluminum tripod accompanies the telescope and includes a storage tray for holding the spare eyepieces and accessories within easy reach when you’re stargazing. You can also use this area to attach T-rings, so that you can photograph using the telescope.

Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope - ReviewThe durability of the design further enhances this telescope’s exceptional quality. The manufacturer offers a 2-year warranty on the telescope, which is equal to or longer than the length for other telescopes sold in this price range. Although the model is mostly intended for beginners, more seasoned hobbyists may wish to purchase it as a secondary travel telescope.

While the Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker has a number of benefits, it does have one downside. Because it is a Newton reflector, the telescope does have a bit of a learning curve when it comes to collimation or properly aligning the telescope. Instructions are provided with the telescope, but many beginners find that they need to look online for tutorial videos to master the task. The good news is that once you learn how to collimate the telescope, you can do so very easily going forward.

Overall, the Celestron 127 EQ PowerSeeker Telescope is a true bargain when you consider the quality of the model. Beginners will find that this telescope perfectly meets their needs, and over time as you progress with the hobby, you can expand the functionality of the model with additional eyepieces.