Habitable Zones
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Bad News for Life on Exoplanets

April 14, 2018 Peter Christoforou 0

The image above shows the relative differences in the diameters of habitable zones around stars of different masses. The solid green line within the broader green area around each star indicates where an Earth-like planet […]

Meade ETX 90
Telescope Reviews

Meade ETX 90: In-depth Review

March 30, 2018 Peter Christoforou 0

First marketed in 1996, Meade ETX 90 is the first telescope to be designed for both beginners and professionals alike. At the time, this telescope was also the first affordable alternative to high-end products such […]

Zodiacal Light

The Night Sky This Month: April 2018

March 29, 2018 Peter Christoforou 0

This month offers some spectacular sky gazing opportunities, including throughout the whole of April the planets Mars and Saturn being seen low in the south-southeastern sky in the constellation of Sagittarius, and later joined by […]

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