• 10 Interesting Facts about Neutron Stars
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Interesting Facts about Neutron Stars

    Simply put, a neutron star is the collapsed and highly compressed remains of a relatively massive star that died in a supernova event. Neutron stars are also the smallest stars known to exist, with their [...]
  • Edwin Hubble
    Astronomy History

    10 Most Influential Astronomers Of All Time

    While it is almost impossible to list all the astronomers that have made valuable contributions to the science of astronomy through the ages, it becomes merely difficult to list the ten most important astronomers of [...]
  • Alnilam in Orion
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Interesting Facts about Blue Giant Stars

    Since there is no clear definition of blue giant stars, the term is frequently applied to any hot, massive star, albeit erroneously in some cases. For the most part though, blue giant stars fall into [...]
  • 10 Interesting Facts About Our Sun
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Interesting Facts About Our Sun

    1) Classified As A Yellow Dwarf The Sun is classified as a G-type yellow dwarf (G2V), which is a little misleading as stars in this sequence can vary in color from yellow for cooler stars, [...]
  • Astronomy Quotes In Shakespeare
    Astronomy Lists

    Astronomy Quotes In Shakespeare

    William Shakespeare (1564-1616) was England’s greatest author and amongst his voluminous works are numerous  references to astronomical, as well as astrological bodies, such as stars, planets, the moon or meteors. Here are a few of [...]
  • Triton
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Interesting Facts about Triton

    Neptune’s biggest moon, Triton, has a diameter of 2,700 km, making it the 7th biggest moon in the solar system, as well as its 16th biggest object overall. Triton also contains more than 99.5% of [...]
  • Top 10 Greatest Discoveries In Astronomy
    Astronomy History

    Top 10 Greatest Discoveries In Astronomy

    It is a matter of historical record that the high state of development of modern astronomy is due entirely to the efforts and observations of thousands of stargazers from all parts of the earth, and [...]
  • 10 Black Hole Quotes
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Black Hole Quotes

    John Michell (1724–1793): “If the semi-diameter of a sphere of the same density as the Sun were to exceed that of the Sun in the proportion of 500 to 1, a body falling from an [...]
  • 10 Interesting Facts about the Kuiper Belt
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Interesting Facts about the Kuiper Belt

    Also known as the Edgeworth–Kuiper belt, this structure extends from just beyond the orbit of the planet Neptune to a distance of roughly 50-55 astronomical units from the Sun. Composed primarily of small icy bodies [...]
  • 20 Recommended Astronomy Books
    Astronomy Lists

    20 Recommended Astronomy Books

    Although there are thousands of internet resources that serve the interests of the majority of most amateur astronomers most of the time, some types of information can only be obtained from old-style paper books. It [...]


  • Straight Wall on Moon
    Those living the northern hemisphere will no doubt be looking forward to the end of winter and the official start of spring which is just weeks away. On March 20th at 21:58 UTC, the Vernal Equinox (spring equinox) will subsequently herald [...]

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