• Deep Sky Objects in Orion
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    Top Deep-Sky Objects in Orion

    The constellation Orion counts among the oldest of the recognized constellations, and since it is visible from both hemispheres, it has featured prominently in many ancient cultures, many of which predate the old Roman and [...]
  • 10 Interesting Facts about Brown Dwarf Stars
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    10 Interesting Facts about Brown Dwarf Stars

    As a general rule, brown dwarf stars can be described as sub-stellar objects that range from between 13 and 90 Jupiter-masses. Consequently, brown dwarfs are considered a missing link between gas giant planets and small [...]
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    Nebulae Named After Land Animals

    In a previous post we mentioned that nebulae of all types are among the most spectacular, scary, complex, and sometimes least understood objects in the entire Universe, and how we perceive them often depends on [...]
  • List of Best Space and Astronomy Websites
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    List of Best Space and Astronomy Websites

    Although there are millions of websites that deal with astronomy, cosmology, and space in general, many are guilty of disseminating half-truths, distorted truths, or just plain bad science. So where do you start to look [...]
  • The Moon
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    Top 10 Features on the Moon for Stargazers

    Although some stargazers may consider the Moon to be a nuisance that spoils their night-time viewing, the truth of the matter is that the Earth’s only natural satellite has enough features to offer a lifetime [...]
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    10 Beautiful Star Clusters for Stargazers

    Star clusters represent distinct steps in the evolution of the Universe. On the one hand, globular clusters can be thought of as “fossils”, in the sense that in many cases, they are all that remain [...]
  • Edwin Hubble
    Astronomy History

    10 Most Influential Astronomers Of All Time

    While it is almost impossible to list all the astronomers that have made valuable contributions to the science of astronomy through the ages, it becomes merely difficult to list the ten most important astronomers of [...]
  • 10 Interesting Facts about Callisto
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    10 Interesting Facts about Callisto

    Callisto is Jupiters’ second-biggest moon, and the third-biggest moon in the solar system, after another one of Jupiter’s moons, Ganymede, and then Titan, the largest moon of the planet Saturn. As with Jupiter’s main moons [...]
  • 10 Interesting Facts about Red Dwarf Stars
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    10 Interesting Facts about Red Dwarf Stars

    Unlike most other classes of stars that have clear and unambiguous classification standards, red dwarf stars fall into a wide variety of masses, luminosities, and spectra that have thus far eluded proper classification. In fact, [...]


  • December Night Sky
    With December comes colder temperatures and the shortest day of the year in which the North Pole is tilted furthest away from the Sun. At least after December 21st, the days will begin to lengthen, while the month’s night sky will [...]