• Manatee Nebula in Aquila
    Astronomy Lists

    Nebulae Named after Aquatic Animals

    Nebulae of all types are among the most spectacular and spookiest looking structures in the entire Universe, and have been an endless source of intrigue and discovery for astronomers. How we perceive them, however, is [...]
  • Interesting Time Travel Quotes
    Astronomy Lists

    Interesting Time Travel Quotes

    Time travel is a scientific concept in which an object moves between different points in time in the same way as as it would between different points in space. In early 1900’s, Einstein’s theories that [...]
  • Planet Mars
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Interesting Facts about the Missions to Mars

    When it comes to the exploration of the solar system, no planet has spurred the scientific community to greater efforts, whipped up the general public into a greater frenzy of speculation, or resulted in pseudo-experts [...]
  • 10 Most Spectacular Nebulae in the Universe
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Most Spectacular Nebulae in the Universe

    While we have all marvelled at the spectacular images of various types of nebulae we have seen on-screen or in magazines, its easy to forget that each image we see represents a brief snapshot of [...]
  • Deep Sky Objects in Orion
    Astronomy Lists

    Top Deep-Sky Objects in Orion

    The constellation Orion counts among the oldest of the recognized constellations, and since it is visible from both hemispheres, it has featured prominently in many ancient cultures, many of which predate the old Roman and [...]
  • 10 Coolest Methods Of Time Travel
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Coolest Methods Of Time Travel

    1: A Leisurely One Second Per Second People who say that time travel is impossible should think again. After all, we’re all time travelers, scooting along through the space-time continuum at a rate of one [...]
  • Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico
    Astronomy Lists

    Top Astronomical Discoveries Made by Radio Telescopes

    Aside from sending out expeditions, space exploration is made possible with the use of certain instruments; more specifically – telescopes. However, astronomers do not solely rely on optical telescopes to observe space. Some really distant [...]
  • Alnilam in Orion
    Astronomy Lists

    10 Interesting Facts about Blue Giant Stars

    Since there is no clear definition of blue giant stars, the term is frequently applied to any hot, massive star, albeit erroneously in some cases. For the most part though, blue giant stars fall into [...]


  • night sky May
    Northern circumpolar constellations, such as Auriga, Cassiopeia, Perseus, Ursa Major, and Ursa Minor, can be seen in the night sky throughout the year. Meanwhile, other constellations are seasonal, and visible only at certain times of year. Such constellations conspicuous in the [...]

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